Why is Good Painting Prep So Crucial?

While prepping for painting is a tedious task, the better your painting preparation is, the better the result of your overall painting. Our Interior Grand Rapids Painting Company takes the time to properly prepare every surface on every project to insure your satisfaction.

Clear the Work Area

Move heavy furniture to the center of the room and cover with drop cloths. Use canvas drop cloths on the floor since plastic can get slippery. 

Protecting Switches and Lights From Paint

If you need to cover a ceiling light or fan, shut off the circuit breakers to the room and set up a work light. Remove cover plates from switches and outlets. Protect switches with tape. Tape the screws to the back of the plates so you don’t lose them.

If you’re painting the ceiling, you’ll need to protect hanging fixtures such as fans, lights, hanging lights, fire alarms and any other items that are at ceiling level. 


Wash the Walls

Before painting you will decide whether your painting subject has any surface imperfections that need to be removed, such as old paint, old stains, dirty surfaces, or old marks. You should make sure the wall you are painting is dry after cleaning it.

Drywall Repair

This is also a good time to assess any possible damage to the walls and repair the needed areas. Drywall repair is an important process when prepping for painting because this can seriously impact your satisfaction with the overall result.


To make sure that the walls and surrounding areas are properly taken care of and painted properly, taping the walls is very important.  Taping the area you are painting can prevent seepage onto other surfaces such as trim or cabinetry making the clean up process even more frustrating.


Quick Tips:

  • Take your time
  • Use a ladder to get to any hard to reach spaces
  • The better quality tape you use, the less chance of seepage