Drywall Repair for Interior Painting

Small drywall repairs are always included with the purchase of our interior painting packages.

Our professional painters have the skills to repair cracks, tapes, and corners, remove texture and wallpaper, and leave you with a smooth, beautifully finished wall.

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drywall repair service -AREA1-

Drywall Services We Offer With Interior Painting

  • Repair
  • Patching
  • Minor Ceiling Repairs of Holes & Cracks
  • Minor Wall Repairs of Holes & Cracks


After the cracks or holes are repaired, they must be given enough time to dry, typically one whole day, before the walls can be sanded. Professional sanding When done correctly requires patience and experience to achieve an even and smooth finished wall. It’s vital the job gets done properly because once the paint is applied, any and all imperfections will become much more apparent.