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Wallpaper Removal Service in Grand Rapids

We provide professional wallpaper removal services for our Interior Painting projects Our professional service includes time and materials to remove your home’s wallpaper, repair any existing drywall damages, prepare your walls for proper paint application, and lastly applying two coats of professional grade paint to your walls.

Cleaning & Repairing Stripped Walls

The work is not complete before cleaning and repairing your walls where the drywall or plaster has been damaged.

This process involves several steps that literally entail washing the surface of the walls, paying special attention to the areas around any holes and tears, with a specialized solvent. The following step involves smoothing down the torn edges of the drywall surface or plaster with various grits of sandpaper in order to achieve a {smooth foundation for applying the resurfacing compound.

After successfully applying the resurfacing compound is then followed by smoothing the drywall surface, then more sanding and applying a primer. This lengthy and detailed process requires patience and expertise that only an expert can deliver so as to make sure that all of your home’s walls are ready for painting..So don’t just hire a handyman, hire a professional!

wallpaper removal service -AREA1-
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Beautiful Walls Are What We Do!

Removing wallpaper can be a challenging task that frequently results in countless small fragments torn off haphazardly instead of large sections being removed easily. However our professionals have the expertise and experience to get the job done properly and make your walls look as good as new {through proper removal techniques and necessary drywall repairs.

Our company can restore your home’s walls beautifully and effectively. To get started click the Schedule My Estimate button above to schedule time to discuss your project!