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We are a {top|premier|top of the line|expert|professional} drywall repair and installation services company. Small drywall repairs are always {included|complementary} {in|with} the purchase of {any|any of our|any of our offered} interior painting packages but we {can|do} also {offer|provide} it as a {separate|standalone} service.

{Our experts|Our company’s experts} {know how|are trained|have the skills} to {repair|refinish} cracks, tapes, and corners, {remove|smooth and strip} texture and wallpaper, and {provide|create|leave you with} a smooth, {finished|beautifully finished} wall.

{Whether|No matter if} you {need|require} repairs to your {existing|current} walls or {installation|full installation} of {brand new|new|completely new} {whole walls|walls|entire walls}, {we’ll|our company will|our experts will} {do it the right way|get the job done right}. {We’ll|Our company will|Our experts will} {fix|repair} or {install|put in} {new|brand new|completely new} drywall and {leave|make} your walls {completely|entirely|beautifully} finished {including|with} {primer and painting|paint and primer}.

drywall repair -AREA1-
drywall repair company -AREA1-

{Our Process to|How We|Our Formula to} Get Your Walls {Back in Shape|Looking Great Again|Looking Sharp Again|Looking Smooth Again|Smooth|Looking Great|Looking Sharp|Looking Smooth}!

{Small|Tiny} nail holes and {dings|marks|chips|cracks} are {treated|repaired|fixed} {with|using} fast-drying spackle. {Larger|Bigger|More problematic} holes or cracks that are {deep|deeper than surface level} {require|necessitate|need} a joint {compound|solution|mixture} that is {first|initially} {mixed|combined} with water to harden {before|prior to} {applying to|application to|putting on} {the|your} walls. These {compounds|solutions|mixtures} {are available|are sold|can be found} {in powder form|as a powder} and have {varied setting times|variable setting times|a wide variation of setting times} {ranging|with a range spanning} anywhere from 5, 60, or 90 minutes. Patching {compounds|solutions|mixtures} {available|sold|found} in {the market|hardware stores|stores} today are {easy|very easy|simple} to {sand|apply} and {due to|because of} {their lightness|the light weight|its light composition}, {they don’t|it doesn’t|it won’t} sag {at all|even the slightest|one bit}, {allowing|which allows} the {filling|reparation|fixing} of {very large|extremely large|giant} holes {right up|even|evenly smooth} to the {surface|surface level}. {Certain|Some} holes {will|may} {require|need|necessitate} the {use|application} of stick-on mesh patches {over|to cover|on top of} the {damaged|deformed} {area|spot} {before|prior to} {getting covered with|receiving|being treated with} {a few|several} thin {layers|coats} of joint setting {compound|mixture|solution}.

Causes of Drywall Damage

Drywall {is|happens to be} {easily|very|especially} {vulnerable|susceptible} to {wear and tear|degradation|aging} and other {forms|types} of damage that {call for|require|necessitate} {hiring|reaching out to|selecting|choosing} {a professional|an expert} contractor {such as us|such as ours|like ours|like those at our company}. {The following are|Found below are|Reference the below for} {some|several|a list} of the most {common|commonly seen|commonly come across} causes of {wall|drywall} damage:


  • Water damage caused by {a leak|leakage|seepage} from a {broken|busted|faulty} water line. {While|Although|Even though} drywall is {pretty|very} {sturdy|strong|tough}, when {it’s|the wall is} exposed to water for {too long|long periods of time|long durations} it {can|will|may} {get|become} damaged.
  • Moisture and humidity {variation|fluctuation} {can|may} {cause|result in} {plasterboard|your plasterboard|your wall’s plasterboard} or gypsum board to expand or {shrink|contract}.
  • Installation defects {such as|like} {over-cuts|improper cuts} {with|using} a drywall knife at {corners|the corners} of openings, or {improper|incorrect|inadequate} joint finishing.
  • Damaged drywall cornerbead that {takes|undergoes|suffers} {a lot of mishandling|abusive mishandling|a significant amount of mishandling} {can|may} become dented and damaged {over time|over its lifespan|throughout its use}.
  • Pesky termite home invasion. {While|Although|Even though} {they|termites} {don’t|will not} necessarily eat the drywall, termites will {eat|eat away|destroy} the paper and glue {that covers|covering|attached to} the drywall board. When the {wall|drywall} {becomes wet|retains moisture|retains water}, the paper {soaks up|holds} water and {invites|lets} {them|the termites} in. {They|The termites} will {burrow|nest} {between|in between} {the|your} {painted wall|painted exterior wall} and {the|your} drywall as {they|they continue to} {eat their way across|eat their way and completely destroy} the walls.
  • Frost heaving {foundations|home foundations} {can|may} also {cause|result in} differential movement in {building|structural|home} walls that {lead to|cause|result in|end up in} {tearing or cracking|tears or cracks} in {plasterboard|your home’s plasterboard}, gypsum board, or drywall.
  • Furniture scuff marks when moving heavy or bulky furniture {around|into or around} {the house|your house|your home} {can|may} {dig into|break into|bust into} the drywall and cause {damage|holes|scuffs}.
  • Popping nails through {the|your home’s} drywall that hasn’t been {properly|adequately|correctly} {secured|fastened}.

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  • Repair
  • Patching
  • Finishing
  • Installation
  • Ceiling Repairs of Holes & Cracks
  • Wall Repairs of Holes & Cracks
  • Plaster Repairs

After {the|the wall’s} cracks or holes are {patched|fixed|repaired}, they {must be|need to be} {given|allocated} {time|enough time|ample time} to dry, {typically|commonly|we recommend} {24 hours|24 hours or one whole day}, before {they|the walls} can be sanded. Sanding will {create|stir up} {a lot|quite a lot|much} more dust than {you think|commonly assumed|assumed}, so {we|our experts} {set|place} drop cloths or plastic on {floors|the floor|your floors} and furniture to {protect|safeguard|guard} them from {dust|dust and damage}. {Sanding correctly|Professional sanding|When done correctly, sanding} {takes|requires} patience and {experience|knowhow} to achieve an even and smooth {finish|finished wall}. It’s {important|very important|vital} {to get it|the job gets} done {right|correctly|properly} because once the paint is applied, {any|any and all} {imperfections|blemishes} will become {much|a lot} more {noticeable|apparent}.

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