Grand Rapids Deck Staining & Sealing | Deck Painting

The professional Grand Rapids deck staining experts at New Look Painting know from experience that Michigan winters are some of the toughest in the nation. As a result, wooden decks may lose their protective sealant faster than normal — as exposure to UV rays and weather extremes cause them to fade, crack, split and warp.

While many companies claim that they specialize in deck staining and sealing, many do not have the knowledge and experience to properly protect your deck in the harsh Michigan climate. It is vital that you work with licensed contractors who will guarantee that their work will deliver adequate protection over time.

The best time to ‘paint’ your deck with stain is in the spring or fall, when the climate is milder.

Depending on the state of the wood being used, we begin by cleaning the deck with a pressure washer and then apply a wood cleaner if necessary. We then lightly sand the tops of all the handrails for a smooth finish. Some decks may require a complete sanding for a smoother application.

Staining does not require caulking in as many areas, but remains an important step around windows and doors. If the trim or siding will be stained, it may require several applications of wood brighteners to return the wood to its natural color.

New Look Painting understands that Michigan winters are some of the toughest in the nation. As a result, decks lose their valuable protective sealant faster. Also, various conditions around your home affect the weathering of your deck. New Look Painting ensures lasting protection for your deck by offering our customized “Deck Care Program”. Each client receives a customized “Deck Care Program” that will ensure the continued beauty and protection of your deck for years to come.

If you are thinking about staining and sealing your outdoor deck, contact the Grand Rapids deck painters at New Look Painting for a free estimate or call us directly at 616.532.3300.