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​{We offer|We provide|Our company offers|Our company provides} professional wallpaper removal services.
{Our|Our wallpaper removal|Our professional} service {will include|includes} {labor|time|manpower} and materials to remove {your|your home’s} wallpaper, repair {any|any existing|any current} drywall {damages|damage|imperfections}, {prepare|prime|ready} {your|your|home’s} walls for {proper|satisfactory|adequate} {paint application|painting}, and {finally|lastly} {applying|apply} {2|two} coats of {high-quality premium|top-quality|professional grade} paint to {the|your} walls and {areas|any area} where wallpaper {was|has been} {removed|stripped|disposed of}.

-AREA1-‘s {Top|Best} Wallpaper Removal {Company|Pros|Experts|Professionals|Contractor}

{This process|Wallpaper removal|The wallpaper removal process} is {often|commonly|frequently} a {nightmare|challenge} for {homeowners|people}, but {it|now it|with us it|with our services it} {doesn’t have to|won’t} {be|be any longer} – {once|once you decide|once you choose} {it’s time|the time has come|it’s about time} to have {it|your wallpaper} {stripped|removed|taken care of}, {call us|give us a call|let us do the work}. The {mistake|error} {most|many|a lot of} {people|homeowners} {make|frequently make|commonly make|usually make} is to {attempt|try|undergo} the {removal|wallpaper removal} {process|project} {themselves|by themselves|on their own|independently} without {comprehending|fully comprehending|entirely understanding} the {magnitude|level} of {the labor|effort|time and effort} {involved|required|it entails} {and|and not to mention} the {costs|added costs|additional costs} of repairing {walls|your walls|your home’s walls} if done {incorrectly|improperly|inadequately}. The {necessary|required} {tools|tools and equipment} for {removing|stripping} wallpaper {will differ contingent on|is contingent upon|entirely depends on} the {wallpaper type|type of wallpaper|kind of wallpaper}. {Removal|Wallpaper removal} {requires|necessitates} a {handful of|few|couple} {specialized|specific} {supplies|tools|pieces of equipment} and {knowledge|experience|training} on how to {adequately|properly|correctly} {use|utilize} them all without {affecting or defacing|damaging|causing damage to} {your|your home’s} walls, which is {why|the reason why|exactly the reason} it would be {wise|wiser|a better idea} to call {in a professional|an expert|a professional|one of our experts|the pros}.

wallpaper removal service -AREA1-
wallpaper removal services -AREA1-

{Solid Sheet Vinyl|Vinyl} Wallpaper

Not all wallpapers are {the same|identical}, {therefore|so} {they require|each kind requires} {different|specialized|separate} removal processes {as well as|and} {products|materials|tools|equipment}. {Take this for|Consider the following} example:

{Solid sheet vinyl|vinyl} wallpapers are {made|manufactured|produced} {with|from} a 100% vinyl material and are {commonly|normally|usually|frequently} engraved to {give them|create|produce} a {textural effect|textured finish}. {These|Vinyl|Solid sheet vinyl} wallpapers are {quite|very|extremely} {durable|strong|long-lasting} and are {usually|normally|actually} {easy|very easy|simple} to clean{, making them easy to maintain|and to maintain|and maintain}. The {good|best} {thing|part} about {vinyl|solid sheet vinyl} wallpapers is that they {tend to|are likely to|commonly} {peel off|strip away from} the wall with {less|much less} effort than {others|other wallpapers|other wallpaper types}, {leaving|which leaves} {some|a bit} of {the backings|remains} on {the|your} wall{, which|and} can be {removed|disposed of} {with|using} a {specialized|certain|specific} wallpaper removal {solution|compound|mixture}.

Non-Woven & Grasscloth Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are {an advanced technically improved|a state-of-the-art|new technological marvel of a} wallpaper material. {They|Non-woven wallpapers} are also {vinyl-free|not made with vinyl} {making them|so they are|allowing them to be} an {environmentally|eco} {friendly|conscious} wallpaper {option|choice|material}, which is {easy|very easy|simple} to {install|put in your home}, {maintain|take care of}, and {remove|remove when needed|remove when the time comes}.

Grasscloth wallpapers are {made of|produced with|composed of} {100%|completely|entirely} natural materials {making them|so they are} } {environmentally|eco} {friendly|conscious}. {However|Although}, {they|these materials|grasscloth wallpaper materials} {require|need} {professional|expert} {cleaning|maintenance} and {removal|disposal}.

wallpaper removal contractor -AREA1-
wallpaper removal contractors -AREA1-

{Other|More} {Types|Kinds|Styles} of Wallpaper

{As you can see|As you have seen|As you now know}, there {are|exist} {different|various|many} {types|kinds|styles} of wallpaper material {and to add on to the list, you can also find|such as|and beyond those mentioned above, there are}:

  • Paper wallpaper that {is known to|may|may frequently} {tear|rip|break} easily {during the removal process|during removal|when you take it down}
  • Expanded vinyl wallpaper that {expands|swells} {with|in the presence of} heat
  • Acrylic or vinyl wallpapers are {easy to maintain|easily maintained|simple to upkeep} {and|and unlike other types} are not {affected|impacted|damaged} by {exposure to|the presence of} {humidity|humidity and moisture} {thus making them|so they are|so this type is especially} {ideal|optimal} for {kitchens|your home’s kitchens} and bathroom {areas|spaces}.
  • Heavy-weight Vinyl wallpapers
  • Fabric-Backed Vinyl wallpapers {have a fabric backing which makes them highly durable|are backed with a highly durable fabric|are produced using a highly durable fabric backing}

{Beautiful Walls Are What We Do!|Enjoy a Modern Space|Fall in Love with Your Walls|Experience The Difference}

{Removing|Taking down} {wallpaper|your home’s wallpaper} {can be|is} a {challenging|difficult|time-consuming} {task|process|project} that {usually|commonly|frequently} {results|ends up} in {hundreds of|countless} {small|tiny} {pieces|fragments} {coming|torn} off {arduously|haphazardly} instead of {large|full|entire} {sections|areas|parts} {coming off|being removed} {easily|cleanly|with no mess}. {But|However} {our company has|we have|ou professionals have} the {expertise|knowhow|knowledge} and experience to {do|get} {it|the job done} {right|properly} and {leave|make} your walls looking {like new again|brand new|as good as new} {through|using} {proper|correct} removal {techniques|practices|methods} and {follow up|necessary|continued} drywall repairs.

{We|Our company} can {restore|revitalize|remodel} {your|your home’s} walls {beautifully|seamlessly}, {quickly|rapidly}, and {cost-effectively|cheaply}. {To get started|To begin}, {click|hit|press} the {button|icon} below to {see|get|receive} {current|up-to-date} {prices|quotes} and schedule your service.

wallpaper removal company -AREA1-
wallpaper removal companies -AREA1-

Hire More Than a Handyman, {Hire|Contract} {a Professional|an Experienced|a Pro|The Best} Wallpaper Removal {Contractor|Company}.

{Hiring|Choosing|Trusting} {us|our company}, with our {vast|in-depth|expansive} {knowledge of|expertise in} {various|a wide array of} {types|kinds} of wallpapers and the {adhesive|associated adhesive|proper adhesive} or paste that {has been|is} {used for|applied to} {the|the wallpaper} backing {will|will certainly} not only save you {time|valuable time}, but it {will|will also} save you money {too|as well} because {any attempt on removing|removal of|a failed attempt to remove} {old|existing} wallpaper by an {inexperienced individual|amatuer|home DIYer} {may|could} {incur|result in|end up with some {serious|significant|costly} damages to {your|your home’s} walls {leaving you with|ending up with|resulting in} an {unexpected|unforeseen} {expense|cost} of {having to hire|hiring|rehiring} {someone|another person|another contractor|another company} to {fix|repair} the {defaced walls|damaged walls|the extra damage|the damage done}. While drywall or plaster can be {repaired|fixed|fixed somewhat easily}, it {only|definitely|certainly} {adds to|increases} the time and {expense|costs} of {getting the job completed|completing the job|finishing the job} {on time|within your timeline and budget}.

Removability of Wallpapers

The {removal|wallpaper removal} process {can also vary|is highly variable}, {depending on|considering|with regards to} the {adhesive|paste|adhesive or paste} {used|applied|utilized} {in the process of|while} {mounting|installing|putting up} the wallpaper. For example, strippable wallpapers can be {dry stripped|removed|taken} from the wall without leaving any {backing|marks|pieces} {behind|left|remaining}. {They|These types|These types of wallpaper} are the {most removable|most easily removed} {papers|wallpapers} {on the market|sold|sold on the market} and {usually|normally|commonly} are {printed on|applied to} a Non-Woven substrate. {Whereas|On the other hand|Conversely} peelable wallpapers {may|will|will easily} peel {off|from} the wall, but they {will|may} leave {some|a few} {of the backings|pieces of backing|remains}. {The|This} backing may {come off|be removed} with a simple {solution|mixture} of soap and water, but {sometimes|on occasion} a {wallpaper|special wallpaper|specialized wallpaper} removal {solution|compound} may be {necessary|required|needed}.

{Adding color to|Brightening up} your {apartment|rental property} {can be|is} {tough|challenging|a challenge} when you {can’t|aren’t able to} paint or re-tile. {Wallpapering|Installing wallpaper to|Adding wallpaper to} your walls, {in this case|in the case of no other options}, {comes in handy|is an extremely viable solution}, and {they|new wallpaper} can make your {rental|apartment|rental property} feel like home without {doing|leaving|making} any permanent {damage|changes|alterations}. {When it comes to|Regarding|With regards to} the removal process, having it {professionally done|done professionally|completed} by {an experienced|a professional|an expert} contractor is always {advisable|recommended} {as well as|and} {beneficial|highly beneficial|a much better option}. {Hiring|Employing|Trusting|Choosing} {us|our company|our contractors} is the {fastest|quickest} and most effective {way|method|solution} to {remove|get rid of} all {types of|kinds of|your} wallpaper and other {decorative wall coverings|wall decorations} that will {leave|create|result in} a {clean|blank} {surface|template} for a {redecoration|decoration or remodel}, without {destroying|damaging} the {plaster|underlying plaster}.

wallpaper removal companies -AREA1-
wallpaper removal company -AREA1-

{We|Our Company Will Always|Our Experts|Our Team Will Always} Do it The Right Way!

{We|Our company will|Our experts will} {assess|determine} the age of {your|your home’s} wallpaper in order to {deduce|calculate|understand|gauge} the {difficulty level of|level of difficulty for|effort required during} the removal process. {We have|Our company has|Our experts use} {specialized|custom} {removal|wallpaper removal} {tools|equipment} for {special|certain|outlier} {cases|situations|circumstances} {such as|like} {when|the instance where} the {adhesive|paste} {becomes|turns} {almost cement-like|to a cement-like consistency} that is {affixed|stuck} to {your|your home’s} walls making it {that much|much|way} {harder|more difficult} to {remove|get rid of} it {with|using|through} normal {means|methods}.

Decorative wallpaper, {like|such as} textured or foils also {present|lead to|result in} a removal {challenge|issue|problem} because {often|commonly|regularly} {they have|this wallpaper has|decorative wallpaper has} a {top coating|top coat|coating on the top layer} that is {non-porous|not easily penetrated|not easily infiltrated}, which makes it more {problematic and challenging|difficult} for {a|the} specialized {solvent|solution|mixture} to {penetrate|seep in|infiltrate} and {do its job|help with the removal}.


Dry-stripping {takes|requires} {a keen eye and a steady hand|precision and accuracy|attention to detail and a steady hand} {with|using|when using} a putty knife to {loosen|start with} the {edges|corners and edges} of the {paper|wallpaper} and {scrape|strip} the {paper|wallpaper} {off|from} {the|your} walls without {damaging|causing damage to} {it|the wall}.

Soaking and scraping {requires|will require|requires you to get} a spray bottle {with|filled with} {wallpaper removal|removal} {solvent|solution|mixture} and a {wallpaper scraper|scraping tool} to {perforate|poke holes in} wallpaper {applied|glued|stuck} on drywall so as to {allow|let} {solvents|the removal solvent} to {then|successfully|properly} {penetrate|infiltrate|get} to the adhesive layer being {careful|cautious} not to {damage|cause damage to|break} the {drywall’s paper facing|drywall paper|drywall outer layer}. If you don’t {feel like taking the risk|want to take the risk} of {fiddling around with|messing around with|starting} this {kind|type} of a {messy|difficult|challenging} {undertaking|project|process}, {calling|hiring|reaching out to} {us|our experts|our company} will {certainly|definitely} {help you with the load|make the process much easier}.

A {razor scraper|scraping tool} that has {a slot|an insert| a compartment} {for|to place} disposable {blades|razor blades} so that they {always have|maintain|keep} a sharp {edge|blade} is also {necessary|required} for {a|your} wallpaper removal {project|undertaking}, and when {a|this} {scraper|razor scraper|scraping tool} is {in a professional’s hands|used by a pro|used by an expert}, your walls {come out|will be} {soft|smooth} and {free|stripped} of wallpaper {bits|pieces|remains}, glue or adhesive.

While it may seem like the {logical|smart|responsible} {thing to do is|choice|decision} to {add|toss|throw} {used|removed|remaining} wallpaper scraps {to|into} {the contents of your recycling bin|your recycling|your recycling bin} because it is {predominantly|mostly} {made of|made from|produced from|consists of} {paper|recyclable paper}, {unfortunately|however|sadly}, {some|several} {types|kinds} of wallpaper {contain|are made with|consist of} a {high|large} {concentration|volume|amount} of {synthetic|unnatural} inks and dyes that are {difficult|challenging} and {costly|expensive} to {separate|remove} from the {paper|wallpaper}, {which|and this also} {applies to|is true for} the adhesives and coatings {present|found} on the wallpaper.

wallpaper removal contractors -AREA1-
wallpaper removal contractor -AREA1-

Cleaning & Repairing Stripped Walls

The {job|work} {is not complete|is not considered done|is not considered complete} {without|before} cleaning and {repairing|fixing} your walls where the drywall or plaster has been {torn off|removed|damaged} – {another|yet another} {lengthy and time-consuming|arduous|difficult} {task|project|endeavor} that only {a professional|an experienced|an expert} wallpaper remover can do {to a tee|to satisfaction|to perfection}.

{The|This} process {comprises|consists of|involves} {a few|several} steps that {literally involve|entail|includes} {washing|rinsing|covering} the {surface|exterior} of the walls, {especially|paying special attention to} {around|the areas around} {the|any} holes and {rips|tears}, with a specialized {solution|mixture|solvent}. The {next|following} step {involves|entails} smoothing {off|down} the {torn|ripped} edges of the drywall surface or plaster with {different|various|certain} {types|kinds} of grit sandpaper in order to {achieve|get|attain} a {fine|solid|smooth} {base|foundation} for {a|the|applying the} resurfacing {compound|solution|solvent}.

{Applying|After successfully applying} the resurfacing {compound|solution|solvent} is then followed by smoothing {it out|out the surface|the drywall surface}, then {some further|another round of|more} sanding and {applying|application of} a {primer|priming agent}. This {lengthy|long} {yet|and} {detailed|in-depth|intense} process {takes|requires} patience and expertise {only|that only|that exclusively} {an expert|a professional|our professionals} can {handle|deliver} so as to {ensure|make sure} that all of {your|your home’s} walls are ready for painting or {decorating|redecorating}. So {hire more than|don’t just hire|when you need more than} a handyman, hire a professional!

{Painting|Final Painting}

{Nothing says fresh like|Nothing looks as fresh as|Nothing looks as brilliant as} newly {done up|dressed|decorated} walls and a {new|sparkling} coat of paint. This is {the other|yet another} {advantage|benefit} of {hiring|choosing|calling|trusting} {us|our company|our experts} to {remove|strip|dispose of} your wallpaper. {Applying|Putting on} {2|two} coats of {high-quality|top quality|expert quality|industry-leading} premium paint to {the|your} walls {and|and the|as well as the} {areas|places|spots} where wallpaper was {removed|stripped} is {the last but not final thing we will do|all part of our services|included in our services}. {A punchy|A bright|An appealing} new color can give a {dull|boring|lackluster} {interior|home|room} a {fresh new|brand new|new and improved} look as well as {brighten|open} up your home, which is {why|the reason why} the {prepping wall|wall preparation} process is {detailed|so detailed|so in-depth} and {must be done to perfection|precise} to {ensure|make sure} that {the|your} walls {have achieved|are left with} a {smooth|perfectly smooth} finish. Wallpaper {paste or glue|adhesive} {can|may} {easily hide|be left unseen} in {pores|the pores|the tiny pores} of the substrate, and even when it {appears as if|seems like} you {got|removed|eliminated} it all, you can {count on|expect} there being {some|a few} {leftover|remains}.

The most {important|critical|crucial|vital} {part of|aspect of|thing to consider about} wallpaper stripping and removal {in order to prepare|while preparing|in preparation} for a {durable|quality} paint job is to {remove|dispose of} the wallpaper {paste|adhesive} {and|then} seal it {thoroughly|completely|adequately}. The {idea|goal|desired result} is to {fix|repair} {all|the} nail pops {and|as well as} the cracks or damages in {the|your} drywall. {Removing|Scrapping and removing} wallpaper is {never|certainly never} {fun|a good time}. But with the {right|correct|proper} {tools|tools and equipment}, the {know-how|expertise|experience}, and {a lot|loads} of patience, a wallpaper removal {expert|professional} can {help|let|assist} you {rid a room|get rid} of {a dated|an old|your existing|boring} {wall covering|wallpaper}.

This {process|project} {involves|entails|requires} {a lot of sanding down|heavy sanding of|properly sanding} {the|your} wall in order to {create|produce|attain} a smooth, even {foundation|surface} that {greatly|exorbitantly|massively} {enhances|improves} the {final|end} finish of {paintwork|the painting|the paint job}. {It|The sanding} also {gives|grants} a {slight roughness|slightly rough texture} {(very important) to the surface, and this helps the paint to stick|that is important for the paint to stick to the surface}. {One|The sanding expert} {must|must be sure to|should} {methodically|carefully|diligently} work {their way around|throughout} the {room|room’s walls} {gently|softly|cautiously} sanding the {surfaces|wall surfaces} {using|in} {arduous|small|tight} circular {motions|strokes} {so as to cover|to ensure coverage of} all {areas|sections}.

{All|All of this sanding should be done|The sanding should be done} while {running|feeling|stroking} {the|your} hand {over|across} the surface of the walls {to|in order to} {get a feel for|gauge|determine} {how|just how} {coarse|textured} or {even|smooth} the plaster is and {whether|also determine if|decide if} {it|the texture} matches the {area around it|the other areas|the rest of the surface}. Any bulges or bumps {found|discovered} {along the way|throughout the process} {must|should} be {tackled|addressed|taken care of} more {closely|diligently}. A wallpaper removal {job|project} may also {reveal|uncover|unveil} {some|other} {unexpected|unforeseen} {issues|problems} {such as|like} damp walls, areas that have {been finished with|suffered from|been a victim of} an {inappropriate|amatuer} {paintwork|paint job|painting}, or {worse|worse yet|even worse}, {mold|mold and mildew}. These {issues|problems} {need to|must|have to} be {treated|solved|addressed} before any {paint job|painting} can {start|begin|commence}. Damp {problems|walls} can {be|turn into|become} a {serious|significant} {concern|issue|problem} in {any|your} home {at best|and at best} it {can be|is merely} a {nuisance|minor inconvenience} {and make|that makes} {a|your} {room|home} feel cold, {unwelcoming|unattractive|unappealing}, and {unhealthy|somewhat hazardous to your health}, and at worst {it|damp walls} can {indicate|lead to|mean} {structural|foundational} or weatherproofing {issues|deficiencies|problems}. Once the {source|cause} of the {damp|moisture} has been {fixed|identified|repaired|addressed}, the {area|section} {needs to|must} be {covered|sprayed|tended to} {with|using} a mold removing {treatment|solution|compound} then painted with a {damp|wetness|moisture} seal or stain {blocker|repellant} paint which will {ensure|make sure} that the {staining|stain coat} does not {bleed through|infiltrate|penetrate} the emulsion once {completed|done|finished} – a job {best|that should be} {left to|done by} {pros|experts|professionals} like us, {an experienced|a professional|an industry-leading} wallpaper removal company.