Planning on painting the interior or exterior of your commercial building? Commercial painting doesn’t have to be a hassle when you plan ahead and hire professionals. Our painting contractors have experience working for a variety of industries, from dental practices to office spaces. Continue reading to learn how to make your next commercial painting project a success.

Commercial Painting Tips

Choose the Right Paint Colors

As a society, we imbue colors with meaning. For example, a bank may paint their walls blue to help others perceive them as trustworthy. While color theory alone won’t build your reputation, it does affect your employees, customers, or patients.

Consider the difference between a waiting room painted red and one painted light blue. Which room would put you more at ease? Our painting contractors can help you choose colors that best suit the purpose of each room.

If you’re painting the exterior of your commercial building, keep in mind that shady trees can cast shadows and make colors seem darker. Likewise, you’ll want to consider how direct sunlight will change how your commercial building looks from the street.

Think about Your Schedule

Our painting contractors do their best to work around your schedule so we disrupt your business as little as possible. Before scheduling commercial painting, it’s important to think about what days, hours, or even seasons work best for you. For example, a department store may postpone commercial painting until after the holidays when they’re less busy.

Are you planning on painting the exterior of your commercial building? If so, you’ll want to schedule commercial painting for late spring and summer. While we can paint during off-season months, you’ll have better results when temperatures are warm and chances for precipitation are low.

Depending on the paint manufacturer, we may be able to continue painting in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. In the state of Michigan, you may be able to schedule exterior painting for as late as November as long as the weather cooperates.

Hire Professional Painters

A reputable company will make sure their painting contractors are protected by the proper insurance. This means that if one of their workers falls off a ladder, you won’t be held liable for paying their medical expenses. It’s worth doing your research to find a painting company that is trustworthy, responsible, and has a reputation for doing quality work.

While some people may argue that you could try commercial painting yourself, there are different standards for those who charge for their services. If you are paying someone good money to paint your commercial building, you want to make sure they do quality work. We recommend asking about their previous commercial painting projects that are similar to what you want done.

Our Grand Rapids painting contractors work hard to earn your business. We offer a range of commercial painting services so you can customize your office suite or commercial building to fit your brand. To schedule an estimate for commercial painting, call New Look Painting at (616) 532-3300.