To maintain or improve curb appeal in your home, exterior painting or exterior trim painting could dramatically improve your results. Curb appeal changes as time passes and siding and trim begin to fade. Check out our article “How Exterior Painting and Trim Painting Improves Curb Appeal” to see what a professional painting company, like New Look Painting, can do for your home!


Is your home due for exterior painting or trim painting?

Are you:

Planning on selling your home?

Wanting to improve curb appeal?

Wanting to tackle a few home improvement projects?


Then we recommend hiring your Grand Rapids Mi painting company for your painting and curb appeal needs. Painting your home can renew your siding and trim and give your home the curb appeal you desire.

Let’s go over the ways you can refresh your home’s trim and siding with a few quick ideas.

Exterior Painting Fades

For most regions, especially in Grand Rapids Mi, you can expect your exterior painting and trim painting to last 5-7 years. However, wood house trim or siding can begin to fade in three years. You can expect to repaint exterior house trim and siding even sooner if it’s a dark color. Dark colors will absorb more sunlight and fade quickly.

To combat being stuck with dinghy siding, schedule touch up painting with professional painting contractors to keep the curb appeal of your home up. Maintaining the quality of the paint on your home can result in a less costly job down the road. We recommend hiring a Grand Rapids residential painter to paint faded trim and siding.


siding can deteriorate with harsh weather conditions like sun snow rain

Curb Appeal That Survives The Weather

Painting is an investment alone, make sure it lasts by using weatherproof and quality products.

Painting exterior trim and siding with a weatherproof paint protects it by sealing the wood from UV rays, moisture, and insects. For extra protection, we recommend applying a water repelling wood preservative before painting exterior trim or siding. Not only will this protect wood trim and siding from the elements, but it will also prevent decay.

Many homeowners appreciate the look of natural wood. While this is understandable, you must also take into consideration the effect the weather will have on the exterior of your home. To learn more about how to preserve exterior trim, we recommend contacting local exterior painting contractors.


Home Improvement Ideas That Show Off Architectural Lines

Does your home have a unique architectural style? The best way to show off the lines of your house is through contrasting exterior trim color to your exterior siding color. An exterior painting company that is experienced in improving curb appeal will be able to help. They do this to showcase unique architecture, such as gables or custom windows.

Asking local painting contractors about their painting services can open up curb appeal ideas you never thought possible. Professional painting contractors will also have the tools and resources necessary to reach the steeper rooflines and hard to reach trim that typically come with this design.

Exterior Painting Should Contrast Well 

Can we tell you a secret? The most beautiful homes use contrasting colors for exterior trim and siding. When painting exterior trim or siding, paint colors that work well together while drawing attention to your home’s unique architectural lines. Good contrasting colors give off a very bold and classic impression that a neutralized palette cannot. A professional painting company will know how to paint exterior trim and siding to best complement your home’s style. 

For example, white trim with dark blue siding gives your home a traditional color palette by choosing contrasting colors.

Curb Appeal And Exterior Painting When Selling

It’s not uncommon for houses to sit in the real estate market for years before being sold. The secret to selling your home fast is curb appeal. When prospective homebuyers pull into your driveway their first thoughts should be how beautiful and well-maintained the house looks. A first impression can easily be soured by faded peeling exterior paint. Start the potential buyer off on the right foot by giving your home curb appeal that a fresh coat of paint delivers.

A professional painting company will be able to improve curb appeal with a fresh layer of paint that offers contrasting color.

exterior painting to improve curb appeal and home value in a neighborhood

Home Exterior Painting Ideas From The Neighbors

When you see a home that looks out of place, it can be a bit of a sore thumb.

The best way to pick paint colors for your home is to take a drive around your neighborhood for ideas. Since houses in a neighborhood were built around the same time, you can expect them to share similar architectural styles. If you notice a color combination that gives off curb appeal you should take note when conquering your exterior painting project.

Checking out the competition in your neighborhood is also an effective strategy for selling your home faster. This way you know where to target your home improvement projects.


home trends that improve curb appeal with exterior painting

Exterior Painting Trends

While all the above home exterior ideas are great options here’s one more. 

A key player in navigating all your options is to check out the current trends. To increase your curb appeal you may want to take a more modern twist on your traditional style home. Try this opposed to using trends from the time your home was initially built. Home exterior ideas like using modern color trends can quickly increase your home’s curb appeal.


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